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Nigel Wood

Tried and tested business leader experience especially in the financial services and regulated sector

Guy Wood

Ex-professional sportsman who has studied in the psychology of high achievers

Gillian Christian

Renowned Manx Advocate and director of Keystone Law

Robert Kinrade

Director of Expol Ltd, lead on training, seminars and conferences in this respected risk consultancy and investigative business

David Bell

Founder of Expol Ltd, a tenacious senior investigator, experienced in enhanced global due diligence

Terry Van Rhyn

Founder of Ashgrove Marketing Ltd, experienced in business development and marketing.

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Why expats are relocating from South Africa to the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is a sought-after location for many expats, including South Africans who are looking for a unique opportunity to advance both their career and their personal lives. But what motivates South African’s to emigrate from their country of birth and explore options for a better working fu…

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Our 2019 Isle of Man Recruitment Forecast

Recruiting in 2019 is set to be much different than it was last year. On the Isle of Man, we have a fairly saturated and fiercely competitive recruiting environment, and it’s important for employers and HR teams to understand predicted changes in the market in order to build a fruitful recruitment…

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10 Signs That It's Time for A New Job on The Isle of Man

We can all relate to the Monday morning dread now and again, but if that feeling has become the norm for you then maybe it’s a sure sign that you’re in a job that’s making you unhappy. It may even surprise you to know that for people who are in a job that they enjoy, dreading the working week is mo…

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