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Why expats are relocating from South Africa to the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is a sought-after location for many expats, including South Africans who are looking for a unique opportunity to advance both their career and their personal lives. But what motivates South African’s to emigrate from their country of birth and explore options for a better working fu…

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Our 2019 Isle of Man Recruitment Forecast

Recruiting in 2019 is set to be much different than it was last year. On the Isle of Man, we have a fairly saturated and fiercely competitive recruiting environment, and it’s important for employers and HR teams to understand predicted changes in the market in order to build a fruitful recruitment…

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10 Signs That It's Time for A New Job on The Isle of Man

We can all relate to the Monday morning dread now and again, but if that feeling has become the norm for you then maybe it’s a sure sign that you’re in a job that’s making you unhappy. It may even surprise you to know that for people who are in a job that they enjoy, dreading the working week is mo…

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All You Need to Know About Living on The Isle of Man

So, you’ve spotted an excellent opportunity on the Isle of Man but you’re anxious about just how much you need to do before you can make the move? There’s a lot to consider before moving to a new country, but it may be much easier than you think. Whether you’re moving for career, for family, or for…

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Could Hiring Remote Workers be the Solution to Your Recruitment Needs?

With technology on our side, the days of 9-to-5 are over and the workplace has been re-engineered. Some of the best talent is seeking a more flexible way of working, and employers have no choice but to adapt. The use of remote workers also referred to as virtual employees, is on the rise in the UK.…

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Relocate to the Isle of Man for the Perfect Work/Life Balance?

If you’re already contemplating the idea of relocating, then you’ve probably spent countless hours and sleepless nights wondering which location could offer you the opportunity to grow your career, boost your salary, and provide a better work/life balance for you and your family; it’s a life-changi…

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A New Wave in Recruitment for The Isle of Man

With a population of 85,000, 4,200 businesses, and an unemployment rate that’s below 1%; recruiting on the Isle of Man is by no means a simple task, especially when recruiting for executive positions that require a highly sought-after set of skills and experience. Finding the perfect candidate for…

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Some take aways from Islexpo

A fascinating day spent at the Islexpo on Wednesday where I was involved in some great discussions around the theme of the day “locate” and the future of the Isle of Man. Matt Alders presentation on “Building an Effective Recruitment Marketing Strategy” was a key insight for me. The impact of techn…

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A sporting culture on an island that means business

Stepping off the flight deck at Ronaldsway airport in the Isle of Man will always be one of the most comforting and refreshing experiences for a Manxman. It always sparks a memory of an active childhood filled with the outdoors, friendships and a “back yourself” sporting culture. The “can do” trait…

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