Why expats are relocating from South Africa to the Isle of Man


The Isle of Man is a sought-after location for many expats, including South Africans who are looking for a unique opportunity to advance both their career and their personal lives. But what motivates South African’s to emigrate from their country of birth and explore options for a better working future as a migrant in the Isle of Man?

UK visa solutions experts, ‘Move Up’, say that they’ve seen a 22% increase in South Africans interested in relocating to the United Kingdom (UK) over the past two years.

Some of the deciding factors have been associated with safety, security, education and job opportunity. With this in mind, the Isle of Man seems a perfect option!

Often when people relocate for career growth, they consider locations such as New York, London, or Dubai; but living in these Cities comes with either an extremely high price tag, or a long and crowded commute. If you don’t have the collateral nor the patience, then it’s time to look for an alternative, such as the Isle of Man.

Why relocate to the Isle of Man?

There are multinational corporates around every corner such as PWC, KPMG, Pokerstars, Micro-gaming, SES, Utmost Wealth and Swagelok. These businesses have made the island their main hub for business and with that comes an ever-growing demand for highly sought-after skills in the I.T. and Finance sector. Supporting this is the presence of banks such as Barclays, Lloyds International, HSBC and Nedbank.

Competition for jobs is lower than the likes of London, yet salaries are comparative, and the cost of living much lower. 200 flights a week to London and other UK airports also support the international outlook of the island both for business and pleasure.

With a population of less than 85,000 and an unemployment rate below 1%, the Island opens its arms to new residents from around the world.

It is important to note that to work here you must have highly sought-after skills that are deemed necessary to fill a difficult role and also benefit the islands economy.

The unemployment rate on the island is much lower than the UK, and currently stands at less than 1%, which is why employers are recruiting expats from around the world, and head-hunters like Ascentiom Recruitment are searching globally for the right talent to offer a unique opportunity to live and work on the Isle of Man.
If you’d like to find out more about living on the Isle of Man, click here.

What you need to do if you’re relocating to the Isle of Man

• Find a job

If you are looking to relocate to the Isle of Man, firstly we would recommend finding a job. We say this because most employers will do all of the hard work for you once they’ve decided you’re the one that they want.

Now, as we mentioned previously it’s no easy feat to relocate to another country, due to immigration laws, and employers understand that they will need to have a strong case for giving a job to an expat over a local applicant so your skills and your work experience need to be strong.

Working with a local recruiter will greatly boost your chances of connecting with these employers and promoting your skill set.

• Make sure your family are onboard

This one seems obvious, but it is surprising how many applicants drop out of their application process towards the end when the idea of moving across the world becomes very real. Make sure your partner or family are in total agreement to moving to a new country.

• Make sure you fully understand what you need to do, and what your employer will do

Many employers OR agencies on the Isle of Man who relocate employees will take care of most of the hard work for you, such as applying for your work permit, arranging your transport and finding you somewhere to live, but you must be sure about what you need to do as well. The entire process usually takes three months and it would be frustrating for you or your employer to cause any delays due to miscommunication. Agencies such as Ascentiom make sure you are fully informed from the off to help you and your family get through the process efficiently.

The Isle of Man government also awards these employers a grant up to the value of £10,000 to support their candidates in relocating.

Are you interested in relocating to the Isle of Man?

If you’re already contemplating the idea of relocating, then you’ve probably spent countless hours and sleepless nights wondering which location could offer you the opportunity to grow your career, boost your salary, and provide a better work/life balance for you and your family; it’s a life-changing decision and not to be taken without plenty of consideration.

If you’d like to find out more about the Isle of Man and discuss existing career opportunities with one of our experienced consultants, please contact us.

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