Some take aways from Islexpo


A fascinating day spent at the Islexpo on Wednesday where I was involved in some great discussions around the theme of the day “locate” and the future of the Isle of Man.

Matt Alders presentation on “Building an Effective Recruitment Marketing Strategy” was a key insight for me. The impact of technology on this industry has arrived in full force and it is clear that having a focused recruiting strategy is incredibly important to attracting talented individuals to your business. Some of the key insights that I picked up from the talk are:

What motivates people to come to work (in order of priority):

Great work content
Making a difference
Learn new skills
Team & Culture
Salary and Benefits
The impact of your application experience

Does it represent your company insights, culture and vision
How long does it take?
Do your agencies know your business and are they representing you in the way in which you would like.
Is your marketing targeting people who would like to live on the Isle of Man?!
What is your companies GlassDoor review like? (for those of you who don’t know have a look!)

Get away from the mindset that applicants are lucky to work for your business.

There are skills gaps all over the world
Focus on the content of the role and the benefits of a life on our island for both candidate and family.
Facilitating a number of these points has been Ascentiom’s vision from the get-go. We firmly believe that understanding “what motivates” both candidate and client is the only way to successfully else can we cover the first bullet point?!

With this in mind, I was pleased to represent Ascentiom on the futurist floor where we discussed key topics such as the environment, skills, technology, education and our own opinions around the islands future development and how that may impact on people relocating here.

Much of what we discussed on the “locate” table was relevant to the insights I took away from Matt’s speech. If one of the island’s main ambitions is to attract economically active people to live and work here, perhaps, our infrastructure among other things needs to appeal to the motives of the next generation. One suggestion was to build on being a biohemosphire environment and push for a smart city vibe that uses/trials innovative technical solutions in everyday life; free wi-fi across the island, charging hubs for electric cars, a cashless shopping street, e parking, plasticless shopping. Add that to our high standards of education, our funky food vibe and our international finance centre and we begin to become more appealing.... to be continued.

But for now... Do you plan your recruitment strategy? Do you have great content? Do your job descriptions cover the skills candidates may learn along the way? If you are looking off the island, are you targeting people who may consider the island?

We may be able to help.

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