A New Wave in Recruitment for The Isle of Man


With a population of 85,000, 4,200 businesses, and an unemployment rate that’s below 1%; recruiting on the Isle of Man is by no means a simple task, especially when recruiting for executive positions that require a highly sought-after set of skills and experience.

Finding the perfect candidate for these roles often now means recruiting off the island due to a rise in vacancies and a skills shortage, resulting from a low population. According to studies, 65% of recruiters say that talent availability is their biggest obstacle in hiring, not the lack of great opportunities.

On average recruiting a role can take 42 days; for executive roles on the Isle of Man that figure is often double, which can result in a negative effect on the productivity of your team and a delay on other critical tasks whilst you search for the right candidate.

Accordingly choosing a proactive recruitment agency is imperative.

At Ascentiom, we recognise that the Isle of Man is already blessed with choice in recruitment, but in order to support the economic growth in business, there is an ever-growing need to provide a focus on proactive, targeted recruitment off-island. With a smaller, more select list of vacancies, we have much more time to invest in each role, and proactively seek the right person for the job.

We take a fresh approach to recruitment, investing more time in building relationships with our clients, to grasp a true understanding of the vacancy and how it supports the companies longer-term goals. We perceive this as key to helping us target the right people and send you the most suitable candidates.

Recruitment is expensive but can be very good value, if you count your own opportunity cost. Our aim is to ensure that your new employee is the right one and committed to both your company and to the Isle of Man for the long-term future. Persistency is key, particularly in these days of investment in training, compliance, infrastructure, and systems.

Understandably, it takes much more than a great company, impressive benefits package, and career opportunity, to convince a person to move to a new country.

Our role in promoting the Isle of Man is equal to our role in promoting your vacancy.

We are huge advocates for the Isle of Man and unlike agencies off-island, can speak with true conviction about the balanced lifestyle that the Isle of Man can offer.

We also specialise in relocation and everything that goes along with that. Working with our partners to provide support for both clients and candidates throughout the entire process; including work permits, travel, finding a place to live, and understanding our Celtic culture!

Supporting our recruitment process, we have assembled an alliance of professionals with resonance; a vast wealth of experience that covers almost every sector of business on the Isle of Man. Our approach to recruitment is from more than just the eye of the recruiter. We work with you to understand the wider needs of your business and make educated, experienced decisions that will complement the process every step of the way. Together we have an innate passion for professionalism paired with a dynamic and noteworthy reach.
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Your business requirements are unique, and so is the Isle of Man.
It takes an equally unique approach to recruit the right people for your company.

If you’d like to find out more about how Ascentiom can offer a solution to your recruitment needs, please get in touch. You will not be disappointed
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