Relocate to the Isle of Man for the Perfect Work/Life Balance?


If you’re already contemplating the idea of relocating, then you’ve probably spent countless hours and sleepless nights wondering which location could offer you the opportunity to grow your career, boost your salary, and provide a better work/life balance for you and your family; it’s a life-changing decision and not to be taken without plenty of consideration.
It’s become common practice to relocate, and perhaps it comes as no surprise that US-based company ‘Manpower’ report that 37% of 28,000 people surveyed would consider relocation for work.

Often when people relocate for career growth, they consider some of the most sought-after locations in the world, such as New York, London, or Dubai; but living in these Cities comes with either an extremely high price tag, or a long and crowded commute. If you don’t have the collateral nor the patience, then it’s time to look for an alternative.

Many of us spend 50 years or more of our working life ascending the career ladder, building our salaries, pensions and investments, dreaming of the day we can retire and finally enjoy what we worked so hard for, all whilst postponing the time we spend with our families. Does it make sense to work all these years dedicating most of our day to long working hours and tiring commutes, in the hope that we can one day reap the benefits?

A hidden gem in the Irish Sea is the 8th richest country in the world and home to boundless career opportunity, affordable living, breath-taking scenery, and short commutes. A location affording you the room to take a step back from the hustle and bustle, without taking a step back from your career.

A small, independently governed island nestled between England and Ireland, less than an hour’s flight from London, home to some of the most successful businesses in the world, and recently awarded the prestigious biosphere status for its commitment to protecting wildlife and the environment, and once again named as the safest place in the British Isles – The Isle of Man is undeniably a strong contender for consideration.

Moreover, there are multinational corporates around every corner such as PWC, KPMG, Pokerstars, Micro-gaming, SES, Utmost Wealth and Swagelok. These businesses have made the island their main hub for business and with that comes an ever-growing demand for highly sought-after skills in the I.T. and Finance sector. Supporting this is the presence of banks such as Barclays, Lloyds International, HSBC and Nedbank. Competition for jobs is lower than the likes of London, yet salaries are comparative, and the cost of living much lower. 200 flights a week to the city and other UK supports the international outlook of the island both for business and pleasure.
With a population of less then 85,000 and an unemployment rate below 1%, the Island opens its arms to new residents from around the world. To support their growing economy, the local government even provide a relocation grant up to £10,000 to support you and your family in making the move!

Most comparable to the culture of the UK, the Island has a National Health Service, the school curriculums are the same, and the main language is English.
Just 33 miles long, any commute home from work is a maximum of 30 minutes by car. More time for you to spend time doing what you love and less time on overcrowded public transport! Imagine leaving work for the day and having the rest of your evening to explore countless outdoor pursuits, kicking back in an award-winning restaurant with some great food, or even having that well-deserved relax at home and finally getting around to catching up on your latest boxset!

Most famous for the Isle of Man TT races, steeped in Celtic history, offering fantastic career opportunities, highly competitive salaries, lower taxes, shorter commutes, spectacular views, and a much better work-life balance, the Isle of Man really could be the perfect solution for you and your family.

Relocating can be stressful, bringing together your families buy-in, finding the right home, learning about your new location, and of course, finding the right job. At Ascentiom, we focus on relocation recruitment and we partner with companies who specialise in all other aspects of relocation, so you can be assured that we’ll support you through the entire process.

If you’d like to find out more about the Isle of Man and discuss existing career opportunities with one of our experienced consultants, please contact us.

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