10 Signs That It's Time for A New Job on The Isle of Man


We can all relate to the Monday morning dread now and again, but if that feeling has become the norm for you then maybe it’s a sure sign that you’re in a job that’s making you unhappy. It may even surprise you to know that for people who are in a job that they enjoy, dreading the working week is more the exception than the rule.

So, could there be more reason behind your feelings about Mondays and could moving to a new job on the Isle of Man make you happier? We’ve made a list of 10 signs that it’s time for a new job on the Isle of Man.

1. You can’t see a clear path to move up in your existing company
We spend a large chunk of our lives in work and for a vast amount of us, we need to feel fulfilled by our jobs and see a clear career path to advance. This is what motivates us to work-hard and reason with ourselves over the extra hours we put in.

If you’re working for a company that shows no signs of investing in you academically or offering you a future opportunity for promotion, it’s likely that you may start to lose motivation. Moving to a similar role with a new company could give you more room to grow. Be sure to ask the right questions in your interview.

2. You dread going into work on a Monday
We talked about this one at the start. Remember that Monday morning dread should not be the norm. Don’t accept that this is how you should feel every week.
Can you speak with your manager and address the things that are making you dread coming in to work, or is it time for a new job?

3. You desire more flexible hours

Times have changed in the past 50 years, women now work in the same roles as men, the stay at home mum has greatly declined, and the 9 till 5 working day has expanded, but unfortunately, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that this isn’t suitable for most lifestyles, especially for those who have children.

If your current role is making it difficult to manage other aspects of your life, this is bound to have an effect on your well-being. Have you asked your employer for more flexible working, or even considered switching jobs?

No one should feel a disconnect between living their life and their job. Lifestyles should be more balanced if we are to have happier workplaces and happier families.

4. Your job is making you sick
Whether this is caused by working too many long shifts, or feeling miserable, nothing should be affecting your physical or mental health in the long-term, especially not when it’s something you can change.

Changing jobs might feel daunting right now, but it could be the key to your wellbeing.

5. You disagree with the values of your company
This one should probably be the most obvious reason to move jobs, so it begs the question, why are so many of us working for companies who have values that we don’t agree with?

It’s virtually impossible to feel happy where you work if you disagree with the morals and values of the higher management team or the company.

You can’t change the entire organisation and it’s tough to align yourself with something you don’t believe in. If this is making you unhappy, then your only option is to change jobs.

6. You're lacking in passion and motivation within your existing role
Do you remember leaving work excited to get home and tell everyone about your day? When you got up the next day excited about getting to work to carry on where you left off the day before? Perhaps this feels like a very, very distant memory and now you can’t wait to leave work.

If you feel like passion for your role and even the company has completely gone then your performances will inevitably start to suffer, negatively impacting your colleagues and potentially your ability to get a new job.

7. You're not treated like an individual
Unfortunately, this feeling can be commonplace in larger companies, and many people don’t mind. However, if this just doesn’t sit right with you and you feel unable to invest in a company that barely notices you show up, then maybe it’s time to find a new work family.

8. Your job doesn't utilize you
Did you work incredibly hard for your qualifications, or spend years building a unique skill set that isn’t being utilized in your current Isle of Man job? Changing jobs could give you the perfect opportunity to find something that utilizes your skills and offers the salary to match.

9. You've considered moving jobs for more than 3 months
If you’ve been daydreaming about a new job and positive Monday mornings for at least 3 months, then this is the biggest sign you need that your heart is just simply not invested in your current role, and something’s telling you that you could be happier.

10. The potential opportunity for a new role fills you with excitement
So, what are you waiting for? Contact our team today so we can find out more about your aspirations and work with you to find your perfect role.

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