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It's an island of opportunity

As the Isle of Man relies on an indirect tax system, tax on spending (VAT), we benefit from having an economy that encourages people to spend more. The island follows a simple personal tax regime with a maximum rate of 20% capped at £125,000, no capital gains tax and no inheritance taxes or stamp duty.

We have easy access to major cities within the UK and Ireland. Currently served by 13 airports within the UK, there are approximately 50 flights per day to ensure you can always get where you need to be.

To help encourage the right people to relocate, the Isle of Man offers personal relocation grants — 10% of first year salary capped at £10k granted for relocation costs

The Isle of Man currently has skills shortages in the following areas, which means you could be completely exempt from work permits, while applications in other areas may mean you could be fast tracked by the Work Permit Office: IT; E-Gaming; Financial Services; Engineering; Nursing and Healthcare and Secondary School Teaching.

With average earnings higher than UK and unrivalled opportunity for career progression, the Isle of Man is most definitely the place to be if you are aiming high!

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Where you can enjoy an idyllic lifestyle

We all know that the key is a great life/work balance — the island provides an idyllic backdrop to both these areas.

Very low crime rates, a quality health care system, incredibly active outdoor community and competitive sporting culture means keeping safe, fit and healthy has never been so easy! The Isle of Man is also proud to have the 'freshest air in Britain', awarded status as a UNESCO world biosphere region.

With 1% unemployment, 1200 job opportunities and only about 400 people out of work, it's clear to see that business of the island is thriving to the benefit of everyone.

Did you know that the average door to door commute here is only 12 minutes!

The Isle of Man is incredibly proud of its superb quality of education, nurturing the stars of the future.

And a welcoming, inspiring culture

Quality fresh locally sourced food is a big deal on the Isle of Man.

It's a place of contrasts, with our Viking heritage neatly juxtaposed with modern technology and business.

There is a great entrepreneurial spirit here, and a proven history of versatile businesses.

The atmosphere is incredibly friendly, strangers are treated like friends and everyone has a shared appreciation of their surroundings.

For a small island the Isle of Man is a surprisingly multicultural environment and islanders have a real passion for travel and new experiences.

As alluded to under Lifestyle, there is a strong culture in the Isle of Man that is addicting and inspiring to make the most of the outdoors.

And of course, we love motorbikes!

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